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The Holy Ridge – Taiwan

Complete a traverse of the ‘Holy Ridge’ in Taiwan’s Shei-Pa National Park.

The Holy Ridge runs north to south between the striking barrel shaped summit of ‘Dabajian’ (3438m) and Taiwan’s second highest peak ‘Snow Mountain’ (3886m). The local name is ‘Dragons Spine’ and a complete traverse is said to include spending at least four days above 3000m crossing  narrow ridges and scrambling between towering cliff faces.

  The proposed route follows a circular trail starting and finishing at the trail head situated an hour’s walk north of Wuling Recreational Area in Taichung City County, central Taiwan. The climb involves crossing five peaks above 3000m: Both Snow Mountains East and West peaks (3201m, 3703m) along with Pintian Mountain (3524m); Chihyou Mountain (3303m) and Mt. Taoshan (3325m).

The Holy Ridge – Taiwan

The surrounding area boasts an impressive number of summits and as such there is potential to include more by adding the main peak of Snow Mountain (3886M) and the close by Siaobajian (3418m). The Holy Ridge itself is considered to be one of the most stunning hikes Taiwan has to offer but has an infamous reputation for being neither for the inexperienced or feint-hearted.

 Some sections of the ridge require climbing using fixed ropes and as such a good level of judgment is needed to assess their reliability in an environment  where temperatures in the Yilan valley regularly exceed 27’C yet drop below -5’c within the Hsuehshan Mountain Range during the summer, and plummet below 0 to produce fantastic climbing in the winter. 

 Taiwan is easily accessible and filled with numerous adventurous opportunities along with so many other countries surrounding Hong Kong, if your into cycling a 800mile 360′ tour of the entire country can be arranged, if surfing is your thing then head to the East Coast, climbers and canyoneers are spoilt for choice amongst the centre of the island where there are 286 summits above 3000m. 

Certainly one of the most overlooked countries for Adventure Travel!