Leave No Trace

Originating in the 90’s from the USA, Leave No Trace is the largest organisation providing the most robust training in environmental ethics with national centres in the U.S.A., Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland.

Our practice at Life Trek Adventures encompasses the values of Leave No Trace and aims to promote this practice within the UK.                                        

These courses are recognised by the Mountain Training Association as CPD for its members.


Trainer Certification  

 Awareness Workshop 


5 Reasons for Joining a Leave No Trace Course:

Gain an internationally recognised qualification that can be utilised with any outdoor sport.

A strong framework for  environmental education activities, games and lessons.

Encourage debates, discussion and sharing of opinions on environmental ethics with your students.

Gain useable skills that will reduce your environmental impact on a day to day basis.

Inspire, encourage and engage others to look after our countryside!

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