About the trainers:

“Heidi and Seb are calm yet knowledgeable Trainers with a passion for the outdoor environment and how we minimise our impact” Paul (Graduate Leave No Trace Trainer).

“An excellent course, run by knowledgeable Trainers. An opportunity to spend the weekend thinking about a topic widely overlooked with like-minded people” Kirsty (Graduate Leave No Trace Trainer).

“A truly immersive experience” Nick (Graduate Leave No Trace Trainer).

“A very engaging course with lots of new ideas for group activities. Trainers were both knowledgeable and very approachable” Anonymous

“Fantastic course tutors. Lots of practical examples that I can take away to share with the young people I support” Anonymous

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course – content was appropriate and staff were very friendly” Pete (Graduate Leave No Trace Trainer).

Seb and Heidi were excellent facilitators and great company. Hope to keep in touch” Katy (Graduate Leave No Trace Trainer)

“100% great team” Mike (Graduate Leave No Trace Trainer)

Yes, passion about subject was obvious and clearly explained” Anonymous

Yes, absolutely fantastic” Martin (Graduate Leave No Trace Trainer)

Passionate and approachable instructors” Matt (Graduate Leave No Trace Trainer)


Why would you recommend this course?

“knowledgeable and passionate practitioners’… immersive experience… benefit from sharing from like-minded colleagues” Nick

“Informative, useful, helpful, friendly” Pete

“The ethos behind this programme is very much needed!” Anonymous

“All outdoor Ambassadors should pass on Leave No Trace principles to all groups as part of skills training” Steven

“Yes… it is not just an American concept” Paul

“Yes. Very friendly instruction. I am not a natural speaker but found I was comfortable to speak to the group” Sandy

“Yes 100% particularly for Duke of Edinburgh” Mike

“Yes, to all who enjoy being in the outdoors. Expectations completely met and more.” Katy

“Yes, should be part of outdoor leadership training with Mountain Training” Anonymous

“Yes, I would especially to outdoor practitioners as the basic minimum requirement. It met all my expectations in a fun dynamic way” Martin

“Definitely – should be mandatory. In every way – it exceeded my expectations” Matt

What did you gain from the course?

“How to effectively deliver Leave No Trace principles” Pete

“Learning and teaching options for Leave No Trace” Steven

“Learning about Leave No Trace principles in all environments” Paul

“Useful group activities” Anonymous

“A set of environmental guidelines” Anonymous

“Subject matter knowledge” Anonymous

“Understanding of the Leave No Trace Framework” Nick

“Different approaches” Kirsty

“Leave No Trace principles, session techniques, inspiration and empowerment” Martin

“The seven principles are concise and easy to follow” Anonymous

“Confirming what I already knew in much more detail. Very good conversation” Matt

“I will have less impact on the environment when I am out hiking and kayaking” Sandy

“Looking at the principles in more depth in context and learning how to deliver and pass on knowledge to others” Katy

“Teaching techniques, experiential etc. also the deeper understanding of the principles… Exceeded already high expectations. Picked up a lot.”. Mike

How was this course useful personally/professionally?

“Allowed us to think in a different way and exchange ideas with other professionals” Kirsty

“Gave me confidence in my instincts and knowledge to apply in real life” Nick

“Better understand the Leave No Trace principles and provide activities and games for groups” Anonymous

“Will help support learning regarding sustainable approaches to outdoor activity” Anonymous

“Gave me more knowledge and experience which I will be able to apply to both” Pete

“On both counts - this should be a pre-requisite for ML and BELA, Hill and Lowland Leader etc.” Matt

“It was excellent as it has given me a clear vision of promoting this with others” Martin

“Extremely useful in preparation for my Mountain Leader assessment and school and Duke of Edinburgh sessions.” Katy

“Great ideas to improve my teaching with Duke of Edinburgh students and adults. Future workshops in my area” Anonymous

“I have learned some new ways to teach things to people” Sandy

“Add to my teaching knowledge and skills on Lowland Leader, Duke of Edinburgh etc. Improved behaviour when out. New skills.” Mike

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