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These courses are recognised by the Mountain Training Association as CPD for its members and carry 2.0 points.

Join the growing community of over 40,000 Certified Leave No Trace Trainers


Trainer Courses are open to anybody looking to become a certified Leave No Trace Trainer and gain substantial knowledge in the art of minimum impact outdoor recreation, and perhaps more importantly, wishes to share this knowledge and encourage others to develop their own environmental ethic. 

Upon successful completion of a Trainer course, each participant qualifies as a Leave No Trace Trainer and receive a completion certificate from the Centre as well as six month membership with the Leave No Trace Organisation. 


Those who complete the Trainer course are equipped to:

-       Understand, demonstrate and teach state of the art minimum           impact techniques through your own ‘Awareness Workshops’.
-      Lead discussion on outdoor ethics and help others explore their own personal outdoor ethic.

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Attending a Leave No Trace Trainer course is recognised by the Mountain Training Association as Continued Professional Development and can be added to your Mountain Training profile. These courses will provide ideas and techniques for using your existing environmental knowledge to inspire and develop positive outdoor ethics in your students and participants. You will also be qualified to deliver 'Awareness Workshops' on your own behalf, which could be used with Schools, DofE programmes or any other outdoor organisations you may work with.
Help your school or organisation gain a positive relationship with the campsites you frequently use during your Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. A Leave No Trace Trainer course will provide you with a comprehensive framework for 'Awareness Workshops' that can be delivered to your students to encourage environmentally friendly, minimum impact behaviour during their expeditions. Leave No Trace Trainers are encouraged to deliver Awareness Workshops that are fun and inspiring for participants. Workshops could be delivered indoors or outdoors and are encouraged to use active and experiential teaching methods. An Awareness Workshop is a formal Leave No Trace presentation or activity that is one-day or shorter, facilitated by a Leave No Trace Trainer. Students who have attended a Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop are eligible for an official certificate from the Leave No Trace Centre for Outdoor Ethics and join the 9.5 million + community of Awareness Workshop graduates.
Once you have completed a Trainer Certification Course you are able to deliver Awareness Workshops to any audience. You are permitted to charge a fee for this. You do not need to register the courses with Leave No Trace and you are not required to pay a membership fee to Leave No Trace (although the annual $25 donation is encouraged). Please report completed workshops through the website. Awareness Workshop graduation certificates are available through at no cost, and can be awarded after your workshops.
Absolutely not! If you enjoy spending time in the outdoors, you have something to learn from this course. Whether your looking for some engaging activities to inspire your children, pick up some tips for personal trips, or just want to learn how to have less impact when your on holiday!
The Trainer Certification course is two days long and includes one overnight camp.
Participants are required to bring clothing appropriate to the conditions - including full waterproofs. A tent and sleeping equipment for one night in the wild. A cooker, water container and food for 2 x lunch, 1x breakfast, 1 x dinner + preferred snacks. You should expect to carry all equipment for the duration of the course.

Course Dates & Pricing:


Please see here for participant feedback from our prior courses.

If you would like to register your interest, want more information, or would like to arrange a course for your organisation or workplace please get in touch!

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